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Once again, death brushed by ISHILA guitarist Paul Lacques today when he nearly choked at the Bear Diner in Gilroy, CA. Eagerly inhaling his Americana (formerly Alt Country) Omelette, Paul breathed a chunk of eggie down his windpipe. Rather than make a spectacle in the crowded restaurant, Paul got up and walked outside to face death alone. Some robust coughing blew the little chunks into the upper parking lot atmosphere, and Paul returned to his companions and a life resumed.
While Paul dealt with his outdoor encounter with immortality, the remaining Hawks sat at the table wondering if he was all right and sharing their own near death food stories.
At a café in Seattle, Shawn was given the Heimlich maneuver by crooner Spanky Whitfield (sorry girls, no pictures). When Shawn realized he was choking (on a piece of lettuce), the
muscular and chiseled Whitfield wrapped his tanned and sinewy arms around Shawn’s midsection and pulled, grunting under his breath with the effort. The lettuce flew from Shawn’s mouth and he collapsed into the arms of his rescuer. Whitfield smoothed back his tousled hair into its well oiled classic shape, and calmly resumed his meal. “I got your back, bro,” Spanky winked, and picked up the meal tab.