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All sizes $35 each. Color combos change with the seasons.
Current colors scheme is original Hawks Logo in dark blue hand-screened over lighter blue shirt.


On Our Way

CD: $20.00 + s/h

  1. Might Have Been Me
  2. On Our Way
  3. Know Just What To Do
  4. Mississippi Gas Station Blues
  5. Kensignton Market
  6. Kentucky Jesus
  7. Geronimo
  8. Stealing
  9. If I Move
  10. Radio Keeps Me On The Ground
  11. How You Gonna Know?

Released Sep. 6th, 2019

Hawks with Good Intentions

CD: $20.00 + s/h

  1. Blue Heaven
  2. Things Like This
  3. Rolling the Boxcars
  4. Rambling Girl
  5. Steel Rails
  6. Hills on Fire
  7. White Cross
  8. Flying Now
  9. Epiphany on Town Hall Square
  10. Will You Watch Over Me From Above

Released June 29, 2018

“This is an amazing… album. All the disparate parts fit together wonderfully, telling a story that is tragic, comical, and all too true, in a way only a band as brilliant and as fearless as I See Hawks in L.A. can.” — Roy Peak, Rocking Magpie (UK)

Live and Never Learn

CD: $20.00 + s/h

  1. Ballad For The Trees
  2. Live And Never Learn
  3. White Cross
  4. Stoned With Melissa
  5. Poour Me
  6. Planet Earth
  7. The Last Man In Tujunga
  8. Singing In The Wind
  9. My Parka Saved Me
  10. King Of The Rosemead Boogie
  11. Tearing Me In Two
  12. Spinning
  13. The Isolation Mountains
  14. Stop Me

Robert Rex Waller Jr. Fancy Free cover

Released 2016

“Fancy Free takes us on a soundscape of exuberance and heartache, and much in between.”
— Amos Perrine, No Depression

Robert Rex Waller Jr. “Fancy Free”

180g Vinyl: $30.00 + s/h

  1. Walking Through Your Town In The Snow
  2. Albuquerque
  3. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances
  4. Waterloo Sunset
  5. Counting My Lucky Stars
  6. Amazing Grace
  7. Fancy Free
  8. Don’t You Pay Them No Mind
  9. Me and Paul
  10. The Air I Breathe
  11. Crystal Ship
  12. She Belongs to Me

Released August 20, 2013

“To say that I See Hawks in L.A. traipse down a going-their-own-way path through that old folky Americana and classic California country rock thing doesn’t quite begin to describe the sheer scope of this band’s wiiiide-open vision. The short version is, they’re adding much-needed musical and lyrical complexity to the old forms, blending and stretching both the emotional and sonic terrain to thrillingly new and unfamiliar points beyond.” — John Payne, L.A. Weekly

Mystery Drug

CD: $20.00 + s/h

  1. Oklamhoma’s Going Dry
  2. Mystery Drug
  3. Yesterday’s Coffee
  4. Beauty of the Better States
  5. We Could All Be in Laughlin Tonight
  6. One Drop of Human Blood
  7. Sky Island
  8. If You Remind Me
  9. Rock N Roll Cymbal from the ’70s
  10. Tongues of the Flame
  11. Stop Driving Like an Asshole
  12. My Local Merchants
  13. The River Knows

Mystery Drug on Bandcamp for only $10.00

New Kind of Lonely CD cover
Released March 6, 2012

“I See Hawks in L.A. recorded New Kind of Lonely live in the studio, capturing a compelling, uncluttered sound; there’s plenty of breathing room for lush harmonies and dark, yet often humorous, lyrics.” — Rhapsody, Top Ten Country Albums

New Kind of Lonely

CD: $20.00 + s/h

  1. Bohemian Highway
  2. Dear Flash
  3. The Spirit Of Death
  4. New Kind Of Lonely
  5. I Fell In Love With The Grateful Dead
  6. Mary Austin Sky
  7. Big Old Hypodermic Needle
  8. River Run
  9. Highland Park Serenade
  10. Younger But Wiser
  11. Hunger Mountain Breakdown
  12. Your Love Is Going To Kill Me Some Day
  13. If You Lead I Will Follow

New Kind of Lonely on Bandcamp for only $10.00

Shoulda Been Gold CD cover

“Shoulda Been Gold contains new material as good as anything the Hawks have ever done.” — WM Smith, Houston Press

Shoulda Been Gold

Released January 26, 2010 on Collector’s Choice Music

Hallowed Ground CD cover Released May 2008

Audio samples | Lyrics

“While paparazzi chase the latest talent free celebrity, a talented, literate bunch of soulful musicians create honest and wise roots music for the ages. I See Hawks are indeed one of California’s unique treasures.” — Dave Alvin, April 2008

Hallowed Ground

CD: $20.00 + s/h

Also available on Apple Music

  1. Carbon-Dated Love
  2. Keep It In A Bottle
  3. In the Garden
  4. Yolo County Airport
  5. Highway Down
  6. Hallowed Ground
  7. Environmental Children of the Future
  8. Ever Since the Grid Went Down
  9. Pale and Troubled Race
  10. The Salty Sea
  11. Getting Home Tonight
  12. Open Door
  13. Never Alive
  14. Good and Foolish Times

California Country CD cover Released Spring 2006

“Seldom has there been an album with such joyous music-making, such corrosive, acid-etched lyrics. Way cosmic.” — William Michael Smith

“Extraordinary album.” — Michael Simmons, L.A. Weekly writer

California Country

CD: $20.00 + s/h

Apple Music | Lyrics

  1. Motorcycle Mama
  2. Raised by Hippies
  3. Midnight in Orlando
  4. Slash From Guns N’ Roses
  5. California Country
  6. Golden Girl
  7. Byrd From West Virginia
  8. Jackpot!
  9. The Donkey Song
  10. Houston Romance
  11. Hard Times (Are Here Again)
  12. Barrier Reef
  13. Take My Rest

Released June 2004

“With its new album ‘Grapevine,’ the evocatively named band I SEE HAWKS IN L.A. has secured its place at the head of the city’s country-rock and psychedelic cowboy faction.” — Richard Cromelin, L.A. Times



Apple Music | Lyrics

  1. Hope Against Hope
  2. Humboldt
  3. Libre Road
  4. What’s Done is Done
  5. Texarkanada
  6. Salesman
  7. Hitchhiker
  8. I Stayed Away
  9. Still Want You
  10. Wonder Valley Fight Song
  11. Harvest
  12. Grapevine

Released 2001

“When you first listen to I See Hawks in L.A., you hear the staples… But listen closely and you’ll notice that they’re often giving the genre a twist.” — Michael Berrick, Country Standard Time

I See Hawks in L.A.

CD: $20.00 + s/h

Apple Music | Lyrics

  1. Nicotine & Vitamin C
  2. Turn That Airplane Around
  3. The Beatuiful Narcotic Place I Reside
  4. I See Hawks in L.A.
  5. Papa Stopped the Wagon
  6. The Mystery of Life
  7. Hecker Pass
  8. A Dog Can Break Your Heart Too
  9. Duty to Our Pod
  10. To The Snow
  11. Don’t Bury Me
  12. Baby

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