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Dear readers,
It’s true: our recent tour diary has turned a bit harsh and political. These are indeed turbulent times, and while voicing opinions can be scary, it feels appropriate and important to the Hawks to address the current issues of the day in as frank and candid a way as possible. Besides, you deserve the kind of raw, uncut information we pride ourselves on providing several days a week.

Plus we get a perverse pleasure out of annoying people. Especially you, says RW. What do you mean, “we?” says PM. RW: PL, I grant you the franchise on annoying people. For me, I think it’s best to embrace the new era of total exposure with zero editing of anything, because our privacy has already been compromised. We mustn’t believe in the myth of privacy any more.

PL: Sometimes the darkness is overwhelming.If you have insomnia and are reading this we’d like to know! Please email your name, address, profession, and number of children along with the time of the day (or night) to our editor: stonecutter@iseehawks.com