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Griffith Park, Fire Aftermath

We snuck into forbidden Griffith Park the other evening to view the fire damage to our most trekked east side trail. In the SoCal spirit of “whatever,” you’re stopped by a stern guard at the Commonwealth entrance. He tells you that you can enter on Hillhurst. We wander the semi-posh neighborhood streets and find the main road past the Greek Theater, find the west trail entrance. It’s barricaded, but we follow some joggers up a side path and are soon on the main trail. Alas:

1.jpgCan you find the bear? This is not photoshopped:

2.jpgThe jimson weed is thriving. There must be a cosmic evolutionary reason that the most powerful hallucinogen in North America doesn’t even notice a wildfire:

3 jimson.jpg


We exit the sad trail and walk out the Commonwealth exit, wave to the forbidding guard. You can walk out, but you can’t walk in. The cosmic whatever.

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