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Reviews from DJs and Radio

“Your cd, it arrived. Damn! But it grabbed me but good. I was thoroughbredly impressed! You have a great sound. I can’t wait to listen to it again. Soon. You’ll be gettin’ heard in this Montana region. On KGLT. On ‘Americana Backroads.’ Thanks! I can’t see the hawks, but from what I heard, I believe that y’all do!”
—Rik James, “Americana Backroads”
(KGLT-FM, Sat. 12pm – 3pm)
Bozeman, Montanta

“Hi. I got your cd and at the moment I am playin it for the second time. I really think it’s great! Track one with its Chet Atkin’s picking and great lyrics. In fact all the lyrics are great and the playin and singing is the iceing on the cake.”
— Big Al Watts
Victoria, Australia

“I See hawks In LA flew into Bendigo today and it is great – congratulations – my favorite tracks for airplay on first couple of hearings are :- Nicotine & Vitamin C, I See Hawks In LA, Don’t Bury Me. I plan to play a couple of tracks tomorrow night on my show, Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Party.”
— Trevor Hyland
Victoria, Australia

“Hi. Your CD arrived today. It’s really good. And the more I listen, the more I like it. It has a nice, relaxing flow, and I like the harmonies.”
–Doug Allsopp
BMG/Buffalo Records
Kanagawa, Japan

“Hi! Lord Litter (Berlin, Germany) here .. I received the CD yesterday – great! Many thanks .. airplay guaranteed .. will be back with playlists.”
–Lord Litter
Berlin Germany

“I just wanted to tell you that I received the CD. Thanks for sending it! Sometimes it reminds me the music of the Harmony Ridge Creekdeepers…I’ll be playing on my show.”
— Lluis Sala
Girona, Spain

“Just had a close listen to your great cd .. some real fine tunes on there… I just programmed BEAUTIFUL NACOTIC PLACE I RESIDE… for my new show on Ems.Vechte.Welle ….what a song … great, just great.”
–Hermann Lammers
Aschendorf, Germany

“Thank you very much for sending me the album….arrived safe this morning.. really enjoyed it!!!!…..just recommended it at “Lost Highway Germany”, it’s a “postcard 2″ like e-group here in Germany…..will be airing on my Hillbilly Rockhouse shows….and it will make my Top Ten at John Conquest’s Third Coast Music magazine in Austin, Texas.”
–Gerd Stassen
Lengerich, Germany

“I did get the CD, I See Hawks in LA, and have even played from it already–I’m especially enamored of the song, “Papa Stopped the Wagon.” I will play more–it’s a nice CD. Many thanks.”
–Mike Kelsey
WFHB Community Radio
Bloomington, Indiana

“Hi. I just got it. It sounds great and and I will be playing some cuts on upcoming shows. I post my playlist to the twangdj egroup on Yahoo.”
–Richard Schwartz
Castle Valley, UT

“Yes, thanks, I received it and have been listening as well as enjoying. Don’t you just love that Brantley! Jackson ain’t no bad nut neither.”
–Joyce Symons
Nashville, TN

“Yes, I received your great CD and I played one title yesterday. I’ll play some more in the next future.”
–Rolf Hierath
Walluf, Germany

“The CD arrived and it is really good, be sure that I shall play it a lot in my next radio shows here. I thank you so much for sending it to me and wish to you and all in the band all the best.”
–Massimo Ferro
Radio Voce Spazio
Alessandria, Italy

“Yes, I received it and have already played “Papa Stopped The Wagon” on my
August 12 show. I’m sure I’ll find something else to play from the CD. It’s
my kind of music.”
–Kenny Weissberg
Music Without Boundaries/KXST-FM/San Diego

“Yes, I recieved ” I see Hawks in LA” and I played 2 songs of it, in my MIDNIGHT EXPRESS. Thanks for the cd, I hope, we can work together for a long time, Now, it’s almost 6 AM, and it’s my time to jump in my bed, “cuase, i work at night. Bye for now.”
–Mia “Your DJ” Heylen
Hulshout, Belgium

“Yes, a couple of days ago we got your CD “I See Hawks In LA”. We will start within the next days to play it on our radio programme. Best wishes!”
–Andrea Stolle
Old Stringhouse Music
Herford, Germany

“I have got CD and I thank you very much. I have listened to it several times. Please say hello to Paul, Anthony, Brantley & David for me and tell them the froggies will croak by pleasure when they ‘ll listen to your music. This letter to sincerely thank you for the good music you sent me. I really really like your music and no less than six songs will be on my playlist. These songs are tracks 2,4,6,7,10 and 11. You may be surprised by this large number of selected songs but I have to tell you that I love it.”
–Mike Penard
Radio ISA
Lhuis, France

“Received and played it on the air last Friday.”
–Bert van der Wijst
Peel Star Country Club
The Netherlands

“I’ve already receive your CD and you can count on a good airplay.”
–Nuna Mora
Funchal, Portugal

“Got it! I like it, and wsill be airing material from it in the coming
weeks. Thanks for including me in your good work!”
–Erika Brady
Alvaton, Kentucky

“I did receive your CD and I had time to give it a quick listen and liked what I heard. I WILL BE ADDING IT TO THE ROTATION IN THE COMING WEEKS.”
–Bruce Ross
Palo Alto, California

“I did receive your CD. Cuts 1, 4 and 11 are on my playlists. Thanks for cd and keep me posted.”
–Jane Weber
Music Editor At Slovene National Radio
Ljubljana, Slovenia

“Got you CD. Great stuff for my program. Thanks much.”
–Alex Pijnen
BRTO Radio

“Just a quick note to say hello and to let you know that I have received your CD titled “I SEE HAWKS IN LA” and thank you very much for sending this my way. I’ve listened a lot to it and although it is very different from the type of country music I play on my program, which is more traditional than anything else, I quite like the album and there are quite a few tracks (most of them, in fact) that I can give airplay to. My program generally consists of all genres of country music, although I do lean towards traditional, but
every now and then I throw in something quite different, like your album for example, I also play bluegrass, country blues, tex mex. Thanks again for sending me your music. Bye for now, take care and kind “country” regards from Aussie land.”
–Trudy Burke
Victoria, Australia

“Thank you very much for sending your great I See Hawks in L.A. CD. I’ll try to give as much as possible airplay.”
–Rein Wortelboer
Peel Grass Radio
The Netherlands

“I gave your CD a good listen while driving around the southeast last week. Excellent stuff! I played “Hecker Pass” on KPFA last night, and I got a very excited phone call from a listener wanting to know more.”
–David Gans
Dead to the World
KPFA Radio
Berkely, California