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L.A. Daily News Reviews SBG

“Shoulda Been Gold 2001-2009″

I See Hawks In L.A.

American Beat Records 4 stars

Not merely the ironic best-of collection its title implies, this latest from our town’s most authentic, underappreciated country rock band features, along with selected non-hits, new songs, never-before-released cuts (including a beautiful lost love ballad called, well, “Shoulda Been Gold”) and a live version of the song named after the band. Or was the band named after the song? Whatever – there’s something wonderfully lost and confused about these cosmic cowboys that nicely matches their scruffy charm and balances their tight harmonies and forward-driving rhythm. Post-millennial Eagles with a nice strain of Byrds-like psychedelia and a good sense of humor (“I’d burn your pictures but you know you’re just too pretty,” Rob Waller gripes on “Sexy Vacation”), the Hawks commence a passel of area shows tonight at McCabe’s in Santa Monica.

– Bob Strauss Staff Writer

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