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I See Hawks in L.A.
Shoulda Been Gold
Collectors’ Choice

I See Hawks in L.A. is that rarest of things — an actual country-rock band, carrying the flag of the Burritos and the Byrds in a time when country-rock generally means Kid Rock-lite, decked out in white t-shirts and warbling anthems to pickup trucks. The Hawks, formed in 1999, have gathered up the best of the group’s four albums for this collection, and it’s a fine introduction to a band that should be huge. From odes to hard times in the pot biz with “Humboldt” to the infectious “Raised By Hippies,” the Hawks’ gorgeous harmonies and tasty guitar work shine all throughout the disc. Made up of California country veterans including fiddler Brantley Kearns (Dwight Yoakam, Hazel Dickens), guitarist Paul Lacques from Double Naught Spy Car, and Paul Marshall (Strawberry Alarm Clock, Rose Maddox), I See Hawks in L.A. create country-rock more vital and fresh than most anything heard since the days of Parsons and Hillman. Highly recommended.
I See Hawks in L.A.: www.iseehawks.com

James Mann

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