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“Hittin’ The Note” Review of SBG

Review from the Allman Brothers Fanzine:

* I See Hawks In L.A. is a great name for a band, the idea behind it, a stoned vision, going hand in hand with their adventurously-written country/rock of the Burritos-Poco-etc. classic kind. The liner notes to the boisterously but very appropriately-titled Shoulda Been Gold 2001-2009 shoulda been printed on the back of the jacket. A rambling, absorbing, funny as hell tome of up-to-date hippy ideology, it alone would be enough to coerce a purchase of the album. But every one of the songs is just superb. From the harmonies and driving rhythm of “Humboldt” to the kick-ass hick bluegrass of “The Salesman,” these guys go to great lengths with steel guitars and lonesome harmonies. “Hope Against Hope” is melancholy magnificence. “Raised By Hippies” could be Gram Parsons projecting down from psychedelic heaven. Singer Rob Waller has a fantastic, somewhat Springsteen-like voice, and the live cut, “The Mystery of Life,” is like something from the bare-bones country flip side of Nebraska. New material plays well alongside album tracks and vault material. Going forward, I See Hawks In L.A. every chance I get. (ISeeHawks.com)

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