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Americana Highways Song Premiere: I See Hawks In LA’s “Ballad For The Trees” Sings Praise To Nature

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“Ballad For the Trees” is a premiere release from I See Hawks in LA’s forthcoming album Live and Never Learn, due for June 29.  I See Hawks in LA is Rob Waller, Paul Lacques, drummer Victoria Jacobs, and Paul Marshall on bass.  Several members of the band have struggled with heavy personal loss over the past couple of years.  So this album, in general, confronts and highlights these difficult themes lyrically, while providing first rate music to buoy us through the tough times.  “Ballad For The Trees” is a song from that project that pays homage to nature and the poignant struggle to guard our environment.  But more than that, it manages to gather up our emotions to recall our deep-seated need for solitude and contextualization within nature, a need that often goes unmet nowadays.  In this era of omnipresent technology,  they present us with an option: “here’s a song for the Acacia, here’s a song for the honeybees.”

Lacques has this to say about the song.

Ballad For The Trees (5:33) “A slowly unwinding Fleetwood Mac (yes) reminiscence, rocking lament on the massive distraction and distortion of our digital lives as our planet enters emergency time; but it’s very catchy. And who doesn’t love trees? Here’s a song for the Acacia. Perhaps it’s time to turn our faces away from our phones and the infinite reflections of our silly selves and look up to the tall quiet trees swaying wisely above.” —Paul Lacques of ISHILA

Give this track a listen, and then preorder the album, due out June 29th, herehttps://iseehawks.com/