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Our first run-in with the law is behind us. We were pulled over doing 81 in a 70 zone. Pretty lame ticket. PL was at the wheel. The cop was pretty cool though. He wasn’t condescending or power tripping. He called PL “sir”, PL called him “sir,” the ticket was written, PL was told to telephone Judge Hinton in the morning. Here’s his phone and address if you’d like to contact him for any reason:
Hon. W. B. Hinson
Pct. 1 (806) 248- 7444
P.O. Box 43
Groom, TX

Then off we went. It was very civilized. Thank God, no shakedown. The sun is about to set here in Texas just east of Amarillo. The night speed limit is 65. PL winds it down to 74. We all agree that less than 10 mph above the limit is cool. Hope we’re right.