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View From Another Wing

An opinion piece by bassist Paul Marshall:

Hooray for America! Again, the people have spoken with their vote; again, we look forward to a peaceful transition of power. Some might even call it “change,” but they would have to admit to a certain amount of naïve optimism.The Obama supporters, giddy with victory, happily continued to denigrate and ridicule the defeated Republicans, who chose a different tack. They honorably and gracefully conceded not only the victory, but the historic significance of the event, acknowledging over and over again that the election was in fact a great moment in the history of a great and continually evolving nation.

Prominent conservatives, who disagree with Obama’s stated and implied policies, have nonetheless declared that “he is my president,” and prayed for his success in the office, though those prayers may face a challenge by the ACLU. The audacity of hope is thrilling, while the audacity of prayer is alarming. A racist country no more. Oh sure, there are racists everywhere. And some voted against Obama, and some voted for him, but it was a non-issue for most voters. Amen.

But, oh, discrimination and prejudice is still alive and well in the world. Gays? Well, yes. Mormons? Stereotypes leap to mind. Jews? A Jewish president? Muslim? A Muslim president? Does one of these colors ever bother you?Meanwhile, the country is still run by Democrats and Republicans, and the two-party system is in good health. Libertarians, Greens, Peace And Freedom, and all you others with your crackpot Constitutional, Environmental, Economic ideas can go back to your distant web enclaves and hunker down. But have no fear. We still have the best President money can buy.

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