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Check out this project funded by your taxpayer dollars:

060414_embassy_hmed_3p.hlarge.jpgA billion dollar embassy in Bagdhad, the size of Vatican City.
Could it be the Bush administration is planning on a permanent
occupation of Iraq? Would the seven massive military bases under construction also suggest this? Check out this Associated Press article for more on this fascinating tale.

We arguably arrogant Hawks like to take the long, historical point of view towards such things as the embassy and occupation, keeping in mind that humans are merely a strange and perhaps unfortunate incident in the geological march of time. And we ask: what will happen to all this junk after the American Empire collapses? Can Iraqis turn this beast of an embassy into low cost housing? Can the giant concrete slabs of the outlying U.S. airbases find some humane purpose? If a tree falls in the forest and everyone is watching Youtube or March Madness, will Tony Soprano get snuffed.