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blue and white pickup with a camper shell zips by
pointy deep green pines
maples, cedars, and oaks line the highway
like tall wise friends
up here all the trees are green, green, green
we pass a white pickup towing a beat up yellow car used in demolition derbies
you can tell because all the glass is out of the windows and it’s been bumped around
its getting to be country fair time and he must be on the circuit
the Suburban windows are all cracked open
the clean Oregon air whistles in
Shawn unfolds a map
looks at it for a second and folds it back up
Paul Lacques reads the newspaper
he says, “there’s a hundred and thirty-five foot tall concrete grain elevator in Canton, Oregon that can hold 13,000 Honda Accords stacked on top of one another.”
he points at the picture
we pass a bright yellow Dewalt tool truck
I don’t expect I’ll ever really know who to repair a car
or do too much home repair work on my own
Oh, well
Eugene is a beautiful college town