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Ya know–you can’t really influence global political-economic relations and events from your computer blog, or onstage in an alt alt country rock folk band. But we try. And if the last few diary entries appear a bit grim and earnest, we’ll try to cheer up. All this madness will pass, and as our good friend Brian Mello’s art predicts, bears will roam downtown L.A. once again. Humans won’t have to travel the globe to see wildlife. They’ll be an element of wildlife once again.
So here’s to philosopher Willie Nelson, whose zen-like ways just enabled him to get out of a one and a half pound pot bust in Louisiana with just a misdemeanor.
In his words we can find a bit of comfort and comraderie:
“Cowboys like smokey old pool rooms and clear mountain mornings
Little warm puppies and children and girls of the night
And them that don’t know him won’t like him
And them that do sometimes won’t know how to take him
He ain’t wrong he’s just different
but his pride won’t let him do things to make you think he’s right”