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Rob and Paul L from the Hawks hosted the first class in their
brand new Outdoor Eco Songwriting Seminar series ($300 for six meetings, includes lunch), and it was a great success.
We began by leading our eight students on a rather grueling
hike, leaving the marked trail in Topanga Canyon for a vertical
scramble through chaparral, guitars on our backs. After three
hours we were scratched, winded, and sweat soaked, but the
view alone was worth the effort: the blue Pacific in all its glory.
Next, we instructed our students to take out their guitars,
pair off, and sit in lotus position facing each other. The goal:
to stare into your partner’s guitar, clearing your mind of all
thoughts. We had to slap a few note noodlers, notably Randall,
but soon silence and calm prevailed on the wind kissed upper
After a light lunch of ahi tuna panini and chocolate chip
cookies, we began our trek back to the trailhead, this
time taking the trail. All agreed that it had been a memorable
experience, and we were already better songwriters than the
10 who headed up the trail that morning.
Next week: a chanting session in the DJ/lighting department,
Guitar Center Sherman Oaks.
For more information or to reserve your spot in our Winter Session email us at stonecutter@iseehawks.com