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We’ve escaped San Francisco. Just barely, but we’re out. The heavy fog disoriented the band. It was 105 F at the Fresno County Line. In forty short miles, over the Bay Bridge, and the temperature drops to 55 F. A fifty degree drop. How can anyone expect a country rock band to deal with this kind of temperature fluctuation? San Francisco is a strange city for me to play now. It’s full of ghosts. Some good, some bad. But it’s just damn cold there. Especially in the summer. The gig at The Parkside was all right but, Jesus, it was so cold. Anyway, it’s all miles behind us now.

We just stopped in Williams, California for lunch. Thank God, we found a gem. Roberta’s Taqueria. HAWKS NON CORPORATE FOOD RECOMMENDATION. It’s the real deal. Excellent, homemade Mexican food. If you’re traveling north on the I-5 take the 2nd Williams exit. Go left. Roberta’s is the yellow stand at the corner of 5th and E Streets. Dave Zirbel and I each had the Chicken Super Burrito. I really like my chicken burritos to have a lot of sour cream. And it did. Damn, it was delicious. PM had a Carnitas Torta. He sat there with his glasses off, savoring it, his eyes showing his love for the Mexican sandwhich. SN had the Carne Asada Super Burrito. He nearly ate it in one bite. Everything was delicious. Man, we really needed a good lunch. We were all pretty starving. We got up and drove too long before eating. Sometimes on the road a midday meal can either make or break your day. We scored today.