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The Hawks rolled out of a secure, undisclosed location in Vermont sluggish and triumphant after the most potent blue moon bachanalia in their recent memory (a lot has happened in their minds, especially PL’s, since Saturday night).
Having hurtled north from NYC Friday morning, and following a solid set at the Marble Valley Correctional Facility in Rutland that afternooon, the Hawks hightailed it even further north to their preferred swimming hole: A brook running from the slopes of Hunger Mountain pools clear and cool below an old mill dam. Friday night the band was fast and loose (the tight kind) at the tiki-torch-laden Waterbury Wings. Vermont organic beer flowed while old and new friends kept the spirits round and full. Paul Lacques hovered roughly seven centimeters (goin’ metric so close to Canada) off the ground during his always memorable Humboldt-closer guitar blast-off. Local restaunteur Steve of the Mist Grill Cafe loved the band from L.A. and with coast-to-coast hospitality and joie de vivre generously regaled the band with top-shelf dining the following evening.

Saturday morning, under cloudy skies, children danced in the grassy courtyard beside the Farmer’s Market in Montpelier while the Hawks played serene renditions of Hope Against Hope, Beautiful Narcotic and a dozen others. It was a heroic morning effort following Friday’s two-show-plus travel day. The perfect temperature, Vermont summer breeze, promise of a fine evening meal, and about forty-three deciliters of locally roasted coffee made it all come together.Saturday evening, the evening in question. Well, the Hawks have requested that you fill in the blanks with your imagination. But safe to say that the band went temporarily off the grid in good hands and in fine company. Memorable deserts were eaten, and memorable late-night jams with old friends ensued.

Having touched the people and the elements in their furthest-from-home tour destination, one of the finest and kindest bands in the land has begun their homeward journey — with many great shows still to come. Be safe, be well, and be youtiful.Leaving Vermont