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We’re excited to announce that our CD Release show for “New Kind of Lonely” will take place on February 24th at McCabe’s in Santa Monica. Come on out!

For more info on buying tickets, etc visit www.mccabes.com

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  • Steve Roche January 10, 2012, 9:02 am

    Howdy Hawks,
    Greetings from Little Flock, Louisiana. I’m glad to see you guys continue to put out more artistic material. Forgive me for not keeping up the last few years as I just joined the milenium computerwise this last year with a Xmas computer gift from a friend.
    I caught you guys playing a couple of times @Acoustic San Diego some years back and was listening to the “California Country” and “Grapevine” disc yesterday. Thanks for the great music. “Grapevine” really is a masterpiece!
    I’m a native San Diegan and have relocated to Louisiana and if you guys ever happen to be out this way, please drop a hint. I’m very familiar Paul’s previous guitarwork with the infamous Bonedaddys. Quite a dichotomy of styles he has goin’ for him. Also familiar with Rick Shea and Brantley from the Guilty Men days with Dave Alvin. Peace and my best to ya folks always! Steve

  • Stonecutter January 16, 2012, 11:41 am

    Thanks, Steve, and we definitely hope to head to Louisiana again, we had a great time in Lafayette a few
    years ago.