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I See Hawks in L.A. was founded ten years ago today in the East Mojave desert west of Las Vegas. The day started bright and clear with a stiff breeze blowing from the east. Paul Lacques, brother Anthony, and Rob Waller were en route to Las Vegas to celebrate Anthony’s 30th birthday. The three comrades pulled off the road near Cima Dome to take a desert hike.

Cap2.gifThe hike quickly devolved, the hikers transforming into prehistoric, pre-homo sapiens versions of themselves. Screeching like monkeys, throwing rocks, tackling each other, zigging and zagging through the Joshua trees, the proto-hawks found themselves suddenly lost. Which way is the highway? All ways looked the same. Instead of getting freaked, the three men came to their senses just a bit and awaited their vision. ” I see hawks in L.A.” one of them said, though it is unclear which one. “We should have a country band called I See Hawks in L.A.” said another. They all agreed.

And so it came to be. A powerful vision was visited upon these souls that day. Somehow they made it back to the road and on to Las Vegas but not after losing and finding PL’s girlfriend Kathy with the help of the California Highway Patrol. But we’ll leave that part of the story out for now. It would be more than a year before the band played their first show but they’d already have a record under their belts by then. Ten years on and the journey has been a long and winding ride full of music and mystery. Paul Marshall joined the band. Then Shawn Nourse. Brantley Kearns floated in and out. David Jackson helped launch the musical boat. An incomplete list of the wonderful musicians who have played in/with the Hawks includes: Rick Shea, John McDuffie, Dave Zirbel, Marc Doten, Marcus Watkins, Joe Berardi, Danny McGough, Richie Lawrence, Bubba Hernandez, Amy Farris, Carter Stowell, Chris Hillman, Gabe Witcher, Dave Markowitz, Dave Raven, Dave Rubin, Tommy Funderburk, The Chapin Sisters, Jeanna Steele, Mark Follman, Jimi Hawes, M.B. Gordy, Old Californio, Steven Woodruff, Ethan Allen, Paul Olguin, Peter Lacques, Matthew Lacques, John Lacques, Keith Miles, Ed Barguiarena, Carlos Guitarlos, Tony Gilkyson, Mike Stinson, Kip Boardman and on and on and on.

Thanks to all for their musical contribution, thanks to our fans for coming to shows, taking us into their homes, keeping us going. Thanks to all the bookers, lawyers, record folks, auto mechanics, press people, and others who have understood our vision and connected to our music and played a crucial role. Thanks to our friends and families for supporting the us all along. Onward!

band in backyard GONE REAL BLUE.jpg
Original Hawks 2000: Brantley Kearns, Rob Waller, David Jackson,
Anthony Lacques, Paul Lacques, backyard Echo Park.