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Rob and Paul L are experiencing that thrill of thrills, having one of your songs covered, and in this case it’s an especially rare treat, because it’s by a new band with deep traditional roots and a heavy sound: Polka Freakout.

PF is Bubba Hernandez and Alex Meixner, virtuosos on bass and accordion with a wicked drummer and some famous musical guests, and they’re now the band to watch as they push the traditional music envelope.Bubba was a big part of Brave Combo’s heart and soul for years, and he’s brought his groove and arranging chops to a project that’s fully mature on its first time out. And you can dance to it.

The Freakout recorded “Baby,” from the Hawks’ first CD, and it’s a rush for us to hear the added layers of arrangement sophistication, and Bubba’s soulful vocals. Paul L has a second song on the CD, “Girl Of My Dreams,” written with Bubba back in the days when Paul’s polka band Rotondi was regularly getting its ass kicked by Brave Combo on tour. Polka forever.