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The Hawks almost made a big culinary blunder: we’d just played WWUH, big shoutout to Ed McKeon, who did a masterful interview as we played a bunch of acoustic songs. (And just as big shoutout to John Ramsey, station manager and chief engineer, who gave Paul L two slo blo 1 amp fuses for his guitar amp.) We were driving down wide avenues past early 20th century Hartford mansions set back on vast lawns, the vision of the top of the American financial heap, and we were hungry (as of this writing, we still are).

We chanced upon a minor mall, and lo, spied a Ruby Tuesday’s in all its glossy corporate logo glory. To our own shock, we walked in. Luckily, late 80’s overproduced pop blasted us from the foyer back into the afternoon heat before we committed to sitting down. Now we’re driving Interstate 91 south for New York City, where we play in Brooklyn tonight.

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