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The Hawks came up with a fun travel game whilst driving south on the 5 through the Grapevine. The hills were brown and gray, and a blackened gray hillside from a recent fire smoldered. The afternoon air was a hazy blue.The game is called Guess The Distant Object I’m Looking At. The first person scans the horizon, in our case the distant hills ahead, and picks out a barely visible landmark. Guess what it is.

For example: “I see a cut in the road on a chaparral ridge.” The rest of your car buddies now scan the distant horizon and their perimeters looking for your road cut. “There it is! Almost straight ahead, to the right?” “That’s it!”The winner now gets to pick. “I see a water tank on a hilltop.” Repeat. This puts the travelers in hunter mode, eyes sharpened, leaning forward, alert.

Try it on your next car trip!—–