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After a fine youth hostel breakfast of big thick blue berry pancakes and mountain eggs we load up and hit the road for Los Angeles. Six days on the road and we’re a gonna make it home tonight.

We aim the Yukon away from the swimming holes and spectacular granite of Yosemite and head down the rolling foot hills of dry yellow grasses, twisting green California oaks tucked into crevices where the water goes. We put on Los Lobos’ “The Town and the City” It blows our minds. David Hidalgo is a heroic guitar player. The arrangements are fantastic. Deep soulful songs. Tones, tones, beautiful tones. Go buy this record. Today.Then we listen to Nina Simone, Prince, The Rolling Stones, Mike Stinson. We listen carefully, we are inspired. It’s been a good tour. California is a big state. Warm audiences in diverse places carried us right along. Every show was different. We even made a little dough. Country road, take us home.